Chuck vs The Stargate

This is just an idea for a crossover that came to me last week. I’m not sure if I’ll actually write it, but I considered some stuff about it as a mental exercise, and I think it could actually work pretty well. Going by airdates, Atlantis would have arrived on Earth about half way through Season 2 of Chuck (which is good, since I haven’t watched too much of Season 3 yet).

I figure the Intersect wouldn’t have any info on the Stargate Program itself, but it could have information about the Trust (or the Fulcrum Database from Chuck vs the Suburbs could have).

There are a couple actors I can think of who played roles in both franchises, but as long as I don’t include both characters, that wouldn’t be a huge issue.


and Chuck’s gaming skills probably would have familiarized with ancients technology a la SGU…

Actually, I was going to mention the game that Eli played, but just in passing (Morgan complaining about having to work late because of its midnight release or something along those lines), since I’m assuming a few months between the Atlantis finale and the start of SGU.

One thing I’m having trouble figuring out is how I’d be able to keep Chuck, Sarah, and Casey involved, because I figure that whoever the SGC or NID would send would basically say “Thank you, but we’ll take it from here”, since they’d assume the Trust agent was in Burbank searching for debris from the Wraith superhive.

Well, I’m thinking this is actually going to happen. I’ve spent most of the last two and a half days of work in planning meetings, but I did manage to be a bit productive. I now have an initial outline for the story :wink:

“Stay in the spaceship, Chuck.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Main Characters:
Chuck Bartowski
Sarah Walker
John Casey
Malcolm Barrett
Rodney McKay
Laura Cadman

There are a few appearances from other characters from Stargate and Chuck, and only three original characters (two of whom I don’t even have first names for).

Since I brought this up in the crossover theories thread, I figured I might as well post the stuff I did on it. I used lots of shorthand in my scene overviews, but it should be clear enough

"Hey Chuck," Morgan said.

"What's going on, Morgan?" Chuck asked, looking up from his computer to see Morgan's frowning face.

"You know how tonight was supposed to be my first date with Anna since we got back together?"  Morgan asked.  "Well, Charlotte called in sick, so Emmett 'randomly' chose me to cover her shift for the Prometheus midnight release event tonight."

"So have dinner with her, then come back for the release event," Chuck suggested.

Before Morgan could answer, a customer called out.  "Hey, Beardo, shouldn't you be helping customers, not blabbing with your co-worker?"

Chuck reflexively turned his head, and the second he saw the man, images flashed into his head.

[i]Doctor Alexander Lasko.  Doctor of Computer Science, specializing in cross-platform data translation.  Former contract employee of the N.I.D., now working with The Trust.[/i]

As soon as Morgan reached Lasko, Chuck turned his head, looking for Casey.  [i]Oh right, he got stuck with a run to another store to pick something up.[/i]

"Morgan, what did that guy buy?"  Chuck asked when his friend returned to the Nerd Herd desk.

"It's too bad the sales competition ended two days ago, because he bought three big external hard drives," Morgan answered.  "He wanted 10 terabyte ones, but I told him we'd have to special order those."

"Could you cover the phone for me for a second?" 

"Sure," Morgan answered.  "Where are you going?"

"Sarah's having some computer problems over at the Orange Orange," Chuck answered.  "Anna's on a service call and Lester and Jeff are…"

Morgan grinned at the lie.  "Save the excuses for Emmett.  Just make it quick."

{NID Headquarters
Davis contacts Barrett.
Informs him that Trust agent identified. Suspected to be looking for debris from Wraith superhive.
Hammond still under construction but transporter active if needed
Need support from Atlantis for if it is Wraith}

Shep enters Rodney’s lab. Tells him to pack for a mission.
Shep in charge because Woolsey and Teyla in Washington, pushing for Atlantis return to Pegasus.
Wraith tech expert needed and Zelenka in Europe visiting family.
Rodney upset because he had dinner plans with Jennifer on the mainland.
Will take Jumper to secured hangar at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank (can’t be beamed from Atlantis because of cloak.
Cadman and Mehra going too as military support}

Barrett/rest of team arrive
Team B found out car’s plate number from security cams in Buy More parking lot.
Address on registration phony, but used red light cams to narrow down destination.
Identification explained as Chuck having photographic memory.
Barrett says they’ll take it from there
Cover story is that Lasko worked for NID and stole some advanced prototype tech. Is trying to get data from it and sell it. Close enough that Chuck wonders if it could be Intersect-based.
Team B calls Beckman, who says that since they broke the case, Team B should be involved.
Barrett agrees, but is in charge.
Somewhere in this scene, Rodney line to Chuck. “Thank you for stating the obvious. Now why don’t you go back to your Buy More and tell old ladies that their computer’s CD drive isn’t a cup holder.”}

{At unoccupied office building. Found Lasko’s car and a van.
Barrett tells Team B to stay in the car.
Excuse: Watch the car for if he gets out.
Casey upset, Chuck makes smart-ass comment about how it’s usually just him staying in the car.
A few minutes after Barrett and NID/AE team enter, two cars of gunmen show up.
Attempt to communicate with Barrett, but comms jammed.
Casey/Sarah follow to help Barrett’s group.
Chuck sees Lasko leaving, goes to stop him, but Lasko hits with Wraith stunner}

{Rodney POV inside building.
Using scanner, finds energy readings. Not quite right for Wraith, but close.
Room has Tacs (Goa’uld sentry balls) and some scraps of Wraith tech. NID Investigator Copeland killed by Tac fire.
Retreat, but ambushed by Trust gunmen.
Reso (NID Redshirt 2) killed, Mehra hit.
Sarah/Casey make save.
Rodney says Mehra needs immediate medical attention.
They have to beam her out in front of Sarah and Casey.
Out to parking lot. Lasko’s van gone and Chuck found unconscious}

B/C/R explain SG Program and specifics related to mission to Team B.
Chuck compares to Wormhole X-Treme, Rodney thought WX was stupid.
Maybe reference to Alec Colson?}

{Cloaked Jumper. Next day.
Now that they know Lasko has Wraith tech, using Jumper to find it.
Detect energy reading in barn a few miles outside Victorville.
Land jumper near van.
Casey/Cadman get P-90s from jumper’s weapon case. (Casey calls it Vera?)
Barrett/Sarah/Rodney have pistols.}

“Stay in the spaceship, Chuck,” Sarah ordered.

“I bet you never thought you’d say that,” Chuck laughed.

“And don’t touch anything,” McKay added.

{As team enters barn, Chuck sits in pilot’s chair and controls light up.
Chuck thinks something that brings up lifesign overview on HUD with overhead of barn.
Sees separate lifesign exit opposite side of barn and come around. Lasko runs to truck.
Chuck tries to figure out how to stop him. Jumper starts floating.
While Lasko turning truck on, Chuck rams passenger side with jumper, then floats over and uses side of jumper to pin driver’s door shut.
Team heard crash and ran out.
Chuck exits jumper and waves them over.}

{Rodney taking Chuck to Atlantis in Jumper. Scene starts with Jumper entering cloak bubble.
Trying to recruit Chuck because of his natural ATA gene. Compares his flying the Jumper with Shep’s instinctive ability to use Ancient tech.
Chuck says no, but tempting.
Rodney says it’s a lot more important than his CIA work.
Chuck tells him there’s a lot more going on in Burbank than he thinks (mirror comment from one of the Castle scenes)
Maybe reveal Intersect to Rodney, who mentions connection to Galarian memory device.
Rodney gives tour anyways}