Chuck vs The Santa Suit 12/23 8:00 PM

The most hated character in the series returns. Talk about it here. :wink:

Love Big Mike trying to calm people down.

"Clark"sville? Nice subtle gag.

Nice present for Alex.

Ohhhhhhhhhh frak. He still has the Intersect.

I don’t buy Shaw being behind the whole conspiracy. I thought it was around a lot longer than he was a bad guy.

“That plan’s kind of vague.” :smiley:

Jeff is acting a bit too much like his old self here.

LOL at Chuck in Big Mike’s Santa Suit.

Oh Shaw, you frakkin asshole.

He’s going to make Chuck think Sarah left him for Shaw, then kill her and hide the body.

LOL at another Subway reference.

If it’s so cold in Castle, shouldn’t we be able to tell by looking at Sarah’s tank top? :wink:

Oh my.

Beckman will never hear the end of that.

“You know what the ultimate revenge it?”
“Spending Christmas Eve with you?” :smiley:

Was that a Minority Report HUD on the car in that MI commercial?

Yay, Ellie!

Oh shit. Guess that was what the next episode title meant.