Chuck vs The Hack Off - 12/9/2011 8:00 PM EST


Oh my.

Got to appreciate Casey sticking to his guns.

Guessing Lester is in the same cell?

Hinjew Michaelangelo? Not seeing it.

Decker’s a massive asshole.

Nice save, Trinity.

Love the Matrix screensaver on Chuck’s iPad.

Morgan and Trinity in the elevator? Awkward.

What kind of con is Lester running?

“Strip. Now.”

“It’s almost like Casey never left.” :smiley:

“Looks like you walked into the wrong cult, bitch.” :wink:

Nice catfight scene.

Lester driving off the guys who were beating up Casey? Damn.

Setting up cable/internet for the inmates and he’ll disconnect them if they do anything? :smiley:

Oh crap, Decker’s setting Chuck up to release the virus so he can grab Chuck and Sarah too?

Nice outfit, Sarah. Not as good as her birthday suit earlier in the episode though.

LOL at the “Lester replacement” being an actor.

Damn, they should have brought Trinity in sooner. She’s right up there with Scott Bakula, Linda Hamilton, and Timothy Dalton.

Chuck is cracking me up here.

“Fine, I love Casey. Just stop grilling me.” :smiley:

Well played, Chuck.