Chuck vs The Curse 8:00 PM 12/16/2011

Chuck and Sarah race against time to take down a dangerous computer virus, pitting them against Robyn Cunnings (guest star Rebecca Romijn), a ruthless spy who will stop at nothing to get what she needs. Meanwhile, Ellie and Awesome’s date night takes a dangerous turn and Morgan is sent on a special mission to recover Chuck’s P.A.N.T.S. Adam Baldwin also stars.

Stop while you’re behind, Morgan.

Beckman just warned them. :smiley:

Oh my. Usually that’d be a Sarah scene.

That went well, Morgan.

Oh, Alex with the Sarah Connor shotgun. :smiley:

Yeah, I’ve been saying that’d be awkward the whole time.

They think Ellie and Awesome are Chuck and Sarah? This won’t end well.

Wait, doesn’t the CIA know about the cabin from the Volkoff takedown?

Acronyms were a phase? What about “Toes In The Sand”? That was just a couple months ago.

Awesome and Ellie think the other set this up?

“Easy. At least it was when I had a computer in my brain.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice acting, Alex.

Beckman’s agent has them? Good. Unless it’s a double agent.

Well, not a double agent.

Wow, Mystique’s a bitch.

Way to go, Ellie.

“Kind of a long story. Let me tell you the short one.” Pow

Way to go, Awesome.

Not so Awesome.

How long until they go back for Chuck? No way they’re leaving him there for The Conspiracy to grab, especially with Mystique unleashing the virus.

Alex and Morgan are going to end up back together.

Damn, wish they hadn’t spoiled Shaw last week in the preview and ended with the cell door opening there and him walking out.