Chuck 5x12-13 Chuck Versus Sarah / Chuck Versus the Goodbye

[b]Friday, 27 January 2011
8 PM Eastern/Pacific


I just thought of something. I want a Jeffster version of Short Skirt/Long Jacket (with lyrics) for the title sequence tonight.

This is soooooo depressing…

And here we go.

Still think Quinn’s a sick bastard between the Flash cards and ordering Sarah to kill Chuck.

LOL at Chuck casually saying he hacked into the CIA database.

Either he planned it or it didn’t really happen.

How did he specifically rewind her to right before the series started?

Wow, this is quite the line of bull.

This is just SO wrong!

I forget, did they do the opening credits for both of the last two episodes the end of Season 3 when they ran them back to back?

Ack - like I can remember that!

Wild guess: Last scene of the episode jumps forward 20 years to Casey Bartowski accidentally getting a version of the Intersect, followed by an “Oh boy”

BTW - I’m on glass #2 of wine so hopefully I’ll be coherent. :smiley:

Part 1 ended with Shaw shooting Orion, then driving Chuck, Sarah, and Casey out into the country to kill them. Ellie, Awesome and Morgan were chasing them to rescue them. Part 2 started with Awesome and Morgan hitting the little red button in the glove box in Casey’s Crown Vic.

Theory 2: Casey joins Verbanski on her mission and Alex moves in with Morgan. Chuck and Sarah move to the house they saw at the beginning of the season.

Oh crap, and Ellie and Awesome move to Chicago.

That was definitely a surprise!

Yeah, this is frakked up.

I half expected them to get recruited by the CIA to head up the Intersect project.

Agreed. I don’t like creepy Sarah.

Or, “I got this”

Or, “I know Kung Fu!”

That’s good.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!