Chuck 5x04 Chuck Versus the Business Trip

Yay, Beckman in New Castle

Heh, even Sarah is impressed.

Le sigh. Forgot to make a thread again. :frowning:

Don’t tell me they’re going to get into baby drama again.

I foresee a little Bartowski before the series ends.

Do we have confirmation that the Intersect is actually gone?

Should have seen that timing coming.

“Most of the assassins, OK. That’s like getting most of the brain tumor.”

“Yeah, leave it to the 3 friends you recently stabbed in the back.”

Very comforting, Casey.

The Viper! :eek:


I don’t think Sarah is as happy as she seems about Awesome’s paternity leave…

Yeah, I’m not entirely buying into this Jeff change yet. Seems way too massive.

Oh, Casey, I think you’re even with him for breaking up with Alex now.

“Selling fine goods to the few people who haven’t discovered Amazon.” :smiley:

Agreed! It’s weird.

Nerd Herd Sarah is back :smiley:

This seems like a poor plan. Chuck has no superpowers either.

Ummmmmmm…make that Ellie. Oui…

True, but he’s a fully-trained spy and he’s held his own without the Intersect so far this season.

Oh boy, this guy’s a dick.

Lots of random mortality talk.