Chuck 4x21 Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner

Monday, 18 April 2011
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

I hope we get better ratings this week or Chuck vs The Cliffhanger is probably going to be the series finale.

Girl Scout Cookies con?

Quick money counter.

Cute kid.


She actually looks a lot like Yvonne!

“You meant us right?” :smiley:

Wow, that ID pic of Chuck in the intro looks so bad now…

“She picked the wrong couple to con.”
“That’s us, right, honey?”
“Of course I mean us.”
“Just checking. I thought there might be another couple that… Getting in the car.” :smiley:

$26,000+ for a wedding? WOW! :eek:

“Not every stone.”

To catch a con, you need a con. :slight_smile:

Casey towers over both of them…

I’d love to see your flash Sarah, IYKWIM.

Awesome is such a mark. :rolleyes:

Lol @ fake flash…



Yeah, that was a really bad lie.

Oops. :oops:

Btw, if anyone is gonna watch SGU tonight, it’s on right after Chuck starting tonight!!

Super oops!