Chuck 4x11 Chuck Versus the Balcony

Monday, 17 January 2011
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

I’m here!!! Early even. :slight_smile:


Lucas breath

Trying to get my thoughts on Arctic posted before this starts, but I might need to wait a bit. Up to Lex in the Fortress, but that scene is so frakking badass.

Can’t wait to see Sarah and Miranda in the same episode. d:

Look at all that wine!

I know, it’s gonna be weird!

Is that a ring in your pocket or are you happy to see her, Chuck?

I know - get on with it!

Sarah, you know better… d:

Ok - I wanted to see that proposal!

She knew… She had to.


If Morgan had any more baloons, he would have taken off.

Kinda like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…except with more facial hair.

Kinda disappointed NBC passed on Wonder Woman because they had The Cape.

Have you guys seen “The Cape”? It didn’t suck…

Agent Rosenbaum? LOL, since I just posted comments on a Smallville episode.

Bwwwaaaaahhhhhhaaaaa - Casey is Chuck’s manservant!

Casey as Chuck’s manservant? That ought to be fun.

It’s aight…