Chuck 4x09 Chuck Versus Phase Three

Monday, 22 November 2010
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Anyone else here yet?

This is the drug effect? hmmm?

or… his unconscious undermining him…

Scary they can insert people into his dreams!

Sarah’s losing it. :frowning:

but at the same time with that carpet scheme… welcome to american soil! where’s chuck?

goooooooooo sarah!

That’s got to be in the running for best line of the night!

OK, the self-rolling carpet was a little silly. :rolleyes:

Nuh-uh, that was cool!!! :smiley:

Lol @ Morgan

Hehe. Morgan pushing himself between Casey and Sarah. That’s like walking across a street during a gunfight.

oooh Ellie makes a discovery!

Whut the frak is that?

Is that the new Dell design?

“Awesome character”

“You will be nothing. No one will love you.”

Reminds me of my youth. Ahhh, good times.

Awwww, smelling clothes.

Done that with my love.

“Nope. Never saw that.”


Worst. Liar. EVAH.

Sarah on a Wyld Stallyon!!

“He knows that because you told him that.”


“How mysterious.”

Love the General. :stuck_out_tongue: