Chuck 4x08 Chuck Versus the Fear of Death

Monday, 15 November 2010
8 PM Eastern/Pacific



Aw, poor Chuck. :frowning:

Summer Glau! :stuck_out_tongue:

“My life would be a neverending Cialis commercial if I had her.”

New sponsor? :rolleyes:

Who’s the specialist?

ETA: Rob Riggle! :smiley:

Rye looks familiar…

Hehe. Hope not at this time slot.


“Let’s get physical” !!! Me to I would have enough of that “clockwork orange” crap :wink:

Airbender on DVD already? That’s quick!!

Daily Show alumnus.

Olivia Newton John ftw. (:

Summer Glau moves in mysterious ways. :stuck_out_tongue:

Especially when Reavers are near.

I made it! Just in time to see River/Greta. :slight_smile:

What? Their Subway doesn’t cut the sandwiches? :eek:

Somehow, I see them getting some mileage from that little “commercial”. :stuck_out_tongue:


“I have a way of dealing with annoying things. It’s pleasant… but only for me.” :smiley:

Who’s playing agent Wry?

Couldn’t they just drop him in a tarantula pit or something? :eek:

Or give him some more of that fear toxin from Freddy Krueger?

Or a snake pit?

Or, that serum … Lol. You editted your post!!