Chuck 4x06 Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror

Monday, 25 October 2010
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

I know the old dude… From where?

Aisle of Terror? Really?!

Is that Kreuger?

I’ve seen a couple scenes from this episode, and one in particular is frakking awesome.

“Not old, just slow.” :smiley: :smiley:

“Please don’t kill each other.” :smiley:

“Please don’t kill each other.”

Way for the GF to meet your mom Chuck!

That would ruin his whole night.

Freddy as the Nightmare guy and the best mother/dauther in law meet-up ever. This is starting great!!!

She’s crushing Chuck’s heart. :frowning:

It was…


Shut up Morgan. :smiley:

And if you saw the guest credits, another mother/daughter in law meetup too probably.

So Mom is deep undercover.

Oh, and nice tablet PC with hologram projector.

I want me one of those!

Poor Chuck.

Atroxium = awesome name

3D IPad :wink:

Is Ellie’s actress really pregnant?

I love Ellie’s annoyed/freaked out reaction.

They never cease to amaze…