Chuck 4x04 Chuck Versus the Coup d'Etat

Monday, 11 October 2010
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Awkward! :eek:

A self-help book?

Toyota Sienna: new sponsor? :rolleyes:

That would be my guess.

Even more awkwardness…

Ellie’s face was classic!

Loved Morgan’s “movie voiceover” bit.

I want one of those Duracell grid chargers.

Ellie’s going. :slight_smile:

“We have peace now… and Subway Sandwitch franchises.” :smiley:

“…and Subway sandwich franchises.”

Wow, the product placement is a bit thick this week.

“Sarah will be there relaxing. In a bikini.”


I didn’t get that commercial. What is it?

One of those charging mats that does different devices without cords.

And the gratuitous trying-on of bikinis.

They’re pulling out all the stops tonight. :slight_smile:

Pull your eyes back into your head Chuck.

Oh, OK. I got a PowerMat for my BIL for X-mas. He loves it.

I’m putting it on my Christmas list. :smiley:


The second this episode goes up, Hulu is going to frakking crash.