Chuck 3x18 Chuck Versus the Subway

Monday, 24 May 2010
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Ok - I’m here!! At least until the electricity goes out…

Chuck don’t listen to your dad. Look what happened to you. He ran from you and sis.

What happened to Awesome? He is un-Awesome.

Morgan!! shakes head Get the full story before you get involved with people’s marriages.

Casey’s flirting!!

“You won’t even miss me, John.”

I doubt that.

But then he wouldn’t be Morgan!

Frakking Shaw won’t die!!

So, who thinks Shaw can frak with Chuck’s mind? Intersect Wi-fi hacking.

Me! Like the Ring wouldn’t do it anyway…

Wow! CTU and Jack Bauer needs that computer system.

Awesome is WASTED!

Love Chuck’s hearing photo.

Looks like the style of every driver’s license photo I’ve ever taken.

Or they’re using a look-alike. The CIA used to do that all the time back in the Cold War.

He must be if he thinks he could be unsatisfying in any way. :rolleyes:

Oh SNAP!! Great reveal!!

How the Awesome have fallen.

Agreed. You think the whole family will become spies now?

Oh snap.

Oh snap, indeed. :eek: