Chuck 3x17 Chuck Versus the Living Dead

Monday, 17 May 2010
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Ellie’s way of getting in touch with Steven is a classified? That’s nice and fits in well with his “paranoia”.

Nice top, Sarah. :wink:

“He fell into a river? Of course he’s alive.” :smiley:

What if Shaw is like Freddy Kreuger now? :eek:

“Reviewing pictures of people you killed? I do that from time to time.”

I’m sure you do, Casey.

“Is that a bulletproof tie?” :smiley:

I find it sad that Chuck can lie so easily now. :frowning:

Star Wars reference in the new Karate Kid? Nice.

Yeah, Justin, nothing’s what it seems, including you being in the CIA.

Love Chuck’s reaction to the details of Sarah and Shaw’s “interaction”.

Jeffster splitting up?

Oh, I thought Lester was going to take away the money. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Did your ears just pop?” :smiley:

They’ve finally used X-ray glasses.

And now coming in 2013, Iron Man III in X-Ray vision!!

Alright I missed the whole beginning. Why is Shaw back? Is he a Zombie or just Jason Bourne?

I’ve seen lots of theories on other message boards.

Speaking of Jason Bourne, Matt Damon on 30 Rock!!

X-ray glasses with Sarah around…yummy.

I was starting to think it wasn’t actually him for a few seconds there.

I think they’ve cloned Shaw or something.

Yay, Steve with the rescue :slight_smile: