Chuck 3x13 Chuck Versus the Other Guy

Monday, 5 April 2010
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Oh noes! Shaw’s gonna grab Sarah and climb up the Empire State Building with her! :eek:

Not quite but close!

“You’ll be forwarded to a Colonel Sanders… Don’t make fun of his name.” :smiley:

You gotta love Casey!

“I killed your wife?”

Ooh, awkward. :eek:

Shaw seems fairly ok with it. That kinda makes him creepier!

“Thank you for saving me. I appreciated the tank.” :smiley:

the real “OOOOOOOO” will be when we find out who ordered the hit

Can Casey read lips?

Ohhhhh - the General is getting harsh!

Johnny Walker Black Label. Mmmmmmm.


Rick Deckard would be proud!

Shaw’s up to something.

I so totally do not trust Shaw.

I need a cookie. Or a pumpkin bar. Can someone walk the 20 feet into the kitchen and get me one?

Badger! In his lair! :stuck_out_tongue:

Romo! I love guest stars!

See - Shaw is a creep!