Chuck 3x11 Chuck Versus the Final Exam

Monday, 22 March 2010
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Run, miscellaneous guy we’ve never seen before, run! :eek:

Aw, poor Casey.

Lester is right and doesn’t even know it. :frowning:

“Baby kicks to the groin” :smiley:

I’m here. A very rare monday evening off.

Technically, Casey’s very lucky that he wasn’t imprisoned — or even executed — for treason.

Huzzah! :stuck_out_tongue:

Be careful what you wish for… :frowning:

Chuck shouldn’t have dumped the hot brunnet from a few episodes back.

Just sayin’

Ok - made it. Had to run to the kitchen for strawberry ice cream. :slight_smile:

Lester is right, but he would have been fired for playing in the store when it’s open.

Real life is getting in the way of me watching the show properly…

I’ve found, as a general rule, dumping a hot brunet(te) is a bad idea. :slight_smile:

Mission briefings are from ‘Mission: Impossible’.

Hubs just got home from work - just in time for Chuck!

I sort of doubt that anyone could expect to get fired, ever again, after they staged a coup.

Aw, I want an encrypted line on my iPhone!

He’s like Clark Kent.

I wonder where he learned that from. :rolleyes:

Try talking in Pig Latin.

My Pig is a little rusty.

“Actor Portrayal”?

Really? You mean George Takei isn’t a real scientist? :rolleyes: