Chuck 3x10 Chuck Versus the Tic Tac

Monday, 15 March 2010
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Robert Patrick guest stars.

YAY I am home for Chuck!

Flashbacks on Chuck?

Hey guys - I remembered the frak party!!

You ready to die today? What a line.

Morgan is such a nerd!

OMGs! Casey’s a T-1000! :eek:

cool flash

Is there a golden idol at the end of that hallway? Where’s his bag of sand? :rolleyes:

Uh-oh! What’s Casey gonna do?

Hay Indy wrong show. :wink:

Awkward. :o

This whole double-agent Casey thing is going to confuse me.

And I so don’t like Sarah going to DC to see Shaw for “personal” reasons! Yuck!

Ewwwww - don’t remind me!

mmm, Awesome is all sweaty. :stuck_out_tongue:

bwhahahahahaha! I love watching Chuck squirm. :slight_smile:

Oh not good. I mean the found out part.

Dramatic music was a nice touch. :slight_smile:

The sweaty part is actually kinda, um, roooowwwwrrr. :smiley: