Chuck 3x06 Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler

Monday, 1 February 2010
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Morgan could explode at any second. :eek:

Lana…err…Kristen is really cute in that uniform.

Hannah and Lester have the same hairstyle. Creepy.

Kinda has a Japanese schoolgirl vibe to it, IMO.

Fellow MIT dropout!

Chuck should have hugged him. That would have sealed the deal. :slight_smile:

Lol. Kinda yeah, but not as much as Anna though. Not even close.

I wanna see Lightning Thief…

So is Chuck a step up or step down from Smallville. Definitely up from Chun Li…

Oh yeah, definitely. Looks awesome.

Considering where her storylines were headed in Smallville, definitely a step up.

I have Chun Li but haven’t watched it yet. My hopes are low. :slight_smile:

LOL :smiley: Morgan’s “office” :smiley:

Nice one!


“They don’t waste the blondes on just anyone.” :smiley:

Jeff & Lester are particularly creepy right there.

Kristen’s character is named Hannah. The last female worker was named Anna.

Something up?

She’s a man! Uh. :eek: :smiley:

That’s awesome!

“Frak Off” shirt.

Nice. :slight_smile:

I feel sorry for Chuck now. But, dayum that was a great scene.