Chuck 3x05 Chuck Versus First Class

Monday, 25 January 2010
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Stone Cold Steve Austin & Kristin Kreuk guest star.

yay, thank the gods for Canada.

uhhh yeah!!!:slight_smile:

That was again a fun episode. Casey’s method was killer :smiley: and I even liked Lana…ähhhh Kristin Kreuk’s character of course.

Lol. Jerry Lewis.

That’s a great tactic by Shaw.

“Just a little human to human… noid contact.” :smiley:

Hannah Hang? :eek:

How will nuchaku(sic) get through security? Oh, he’s white. Nevermind.

Missed that. Really?

“How do you do that? You command respect.”
“No. I take it.” :smiley:

Sorry I’m late but may I just say - Morgan in the game machine. Bwwwwwaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa!

Nah, that’s just what I’m choosing to call her. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like her hair like that. Looks good.

Yeah, she’s a mature beauty now.

Edit: Hey Splat.

Does anyone else think Chuck is screwed?

Remind me what happened in Prague?

All the special skills in the world aren’t going to help him move an unconscious man twice his size.

“They’re insurgents. I hate insurgents.” :smiley:

Uh-oh. Bad guy wake up.

That’s a scary watch.

Customs won’t check a body? Isn’t that a pretty huge security hole?