Chuck 3x04 Chuck Versus Operation Awesome

Monday, 18 January 2010
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Brandon Routh guest stars.

i can’t wait…

Poor Captain Awesome!

I’m here! What a suit!

Poor Morgan. He’s taking the Big Mike and Mom thing pretty good.

That was funny!

Captain Awesome!

They think Awesome is Chuck? Bwwwwaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaa!

Are you seriously wearing that vest right now? snort

Wow - Awesome is the WORST liar ever…

This right there is the most I’ve loved Awesome ever. EVER.

gigglesnortgiggle There are no words!

Oh. My. God.

No! Don’t blow up the Awesome!

Chuck will save him!

I believe in Chuck!

What the hell?

I agree! But I guess Awesome is a spy now?

Buy More cage fighting! :smiley:

Poor Awesome! Hell, Poor Chuck! He’s gonna lose his mind!

Wow - Chuck is taking charge!

And is it just you and me tonight?