Chuck 3x02 Chuck Versus the Three Words

Sunday, 10 January 2010
10 PM Eastern/Pacific

Bump in prep for tonight’s broadcast!

Ok - I moved over…

And we are off on part two

Heeeey, it’s Vinnie Jones!

I’m here. balt

Hey its Vinnie Jones!!

Near perfect hivemind

Who doesn’t love Morgan?

He is great.

“Very tall women have very short memories.”


Every woman he meets? :rolleyes:

Anna…Morgans Loss. Anna was awesome

Agreed! I love him!

Carina is gonna mean trouble

Vinnie Jones seemes to have flufffed out some.

I really hate smoochy couples.

Oh SNAP!! BURN /70s show

Agreed again.

That smoochy? Indeed.

Now, I dance!

~Na na! Na na! Na na na na na na!~

Funny thing about 2 million women. 1,999,000 of them will say no before one says yes. d: