Chuck 2x22 Chuck Versus the Ring

Monday, April 27th, at 8 PM ET/PT

Wow – looks like I’m going to get to join the frak tonight! Lookin’ forward to it.

Aweosome we are graced with Chuck for Chuck

Hey Chuck! Nice to see you! Now put down that iphone… :smiley:

Morgan’s exit from the Buy More = classic.

Buymoria has a flag!

Hi all. Monday again.

God - I have always wanted to do that!!

Yay. Eating my 2nd Chuckwich of the day and watching Chuck with the best people in the world!!

Chuck had an epic quit

OK, quitting had to feel good. Is that a check?

Save his life every Monday.

How much do you think the check might be?

Holy crap – was that a real phone number?

No - Bryce = yuck!

Looked like a large back pay check. His eyes popped out.

I don’t know but he hasn’t gotten a government paycheck ever so I bet it’s awesome!

yea but they will take back a ton in taxes…bastards

Maybe Bryce will be the “main character” that dies. That’d work out, right? Plus we’ve gotta have some way to get the intersect back into Chuck’s head this episode – or at least some way to send him on missions with Sarah.

Read an article today that Verizon and Apple are doing a deal for Iphones on the Verizon network. WOOT!

Might be funny if his eyes were popping out because the check was for like $250 or something.

Great music, BTW, as always.