Chuck 2x19 Chuck Versus the Dream Job

Monday, April 6th, at 8 PM ET/PT

Is Scott Bakula doing a Peter Falk impression? :confused:

One more thing…

I really need to call Comcast. My NBC channel is such craaappp

I think Chuck’s dad is missing some marbles!

Of course Chuck’s dad is a nut job! I just hope he’s not Fulcrum.

That would totally suck.

So paranoia is a reason to think that Chuck’s dad is crazy?

Hey, Chuck: Pot. Kettle.

Considering how many secret agents he knows, who’s he to judge?

I dont think hes a nutjob. but i dont think he is fulcrum either. I think he knows something he shouldnt.

so her real name is elinore

Yay Chevy Chase

Chuck’s dream job!!

That’s a really good ab workout. Tighten your abs, Chuck.

Kind of a bad seat for a interview

Chuck is like a Zombie at a Fat Camp

Oh Morgan. Foot permanently implanted in mouth.

How do those 2 idiots get so lucky all the time? Chuck’s lucky they’re on our side!

OH My GOd…NERD Casey…AWesome…


julius baltar

This frak party is deeeeeeeeead. Twitterfrak it up