hey folks!

I remember there being a “Castle” thread somewhere before… I’ve tried searching for it but to no avail.

Anyways, did anyone catch the helloween episode? Where Nate donned his “Mal” outfit? Then the daughter asks him what outfit is that supposed to be, and he says, “Space cowboy” (and the show cues the first bar from the “Firefly” theme) holy frak! :eek: (insert V/O :Sean scream!)

Also, I didn’t recognise one of the actors was from “Generation Kill” until Jon Huertas donned his US Marine Recon uniform! (insert V/O: Kevin-scream) I’m guessing the cast had a ball of a time on this episode. :slight_smile:

Castle Thread that i can find is under Whedonverse

And yes, Nathan back in the Mal outfit was such a thrill. That was also a very well written episode.

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I moved the Thread but technically Castle is not a Whedonverse production. Shiny is however. Just saying.

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Wait, who’s Shiny?

Technically, Castle is not part of the Whedonverse. Shiny is part of the Whedonverse, though.