Castle 4x10 Cuffed


December 5, 2011

Yay, I’m in!

I’ll say the “teaser” has totally drawn me in this week…

When Castle and Beckett wake up in bed, handcuffed together, in a locked room with no memory of how they got there…

LOL oh they’re so fun together

Castle hopes for sex… but Beckett kills the mood with a dead body

Running down Jack Sparrow? hehehe

Beckett pre-empting Castle’s crazy theories is amusing as ever

Gee, I don’t know Castle, why do people do that to themselves? :wink:

Um weirdness there

Yeah, very creepy.

Subtle, right??

Road trips… maybe not a relationship test, but rather a omg how do you navigate test

(that was my experience)

Well, it is “all about direction”

oh, Ryan, why are you listening to Esposito about relationships?

hehehe oh Castle and Beckett. “why don’t you lead” “where did you want to go”

“You would make a terrible conjoined twin”

Oh hilarious, Castle’s surprise at getting the lock open.

Oh gross

Maybe not drugs, people

Good call…

Here’s where the captain being so hard-nosed is a good thing

Well that guy looks like the guy who left Beckett’s car