Castle 4x09 "Kill shot"

Monday, November 21 2011

Hm still in physical therapy. Good to know.

another sniper. hm.

I know some people who would find that last scene quite attractive

And now we’ve got another victim :frowning:

“after all, most New Yorkers follow routines.”
good point, captain

Hi, Worf!

hypervigilance… no sh*t Sherlock, or rather, Beckett.

I do like that Beckett goes to her therapist when she panics.

Nice job there Esposito

It’s too early in the episode to have caught the guy, imo. So someone who uses stuff at his range?

The dolls are creepy

Um Kate, that appears to be PTSD

what is is about almost-Christmas season and dance choreography in commercials? meh.

so remind me why Castle’s got original evidence in his house?

And I love that Alexis recognized the painting style. yay for chiaroscuro

I really like how Castle is stepping back to try to help Beckett. Go Esposito.

And now Beckett is carting that old rifle around? perplexing.

can’t give help if someone won’t take it.

I sense the theme in this episode.

This said, it’s a bit dramatic rather than comedic this week.

The lighting in that scene was creeeeeeeeeepy

The question is, will the writers let them fail to stop the guy or not

oh, Beckett. you see the weapon, you don’t see the guy…

Well that’s sad. The guy’s certifiable, but Beckett actually responded well in the situation. And Esposito’s awesome this episode.

“I want to be more than who I am”
oh, Beckett.

again, somewhat odd lighting in this scene imo.

Also I love Michael Dorn in this role