Castle 4x08 "Heartbreak Hotel"

Monday, November 7, 2011

what the hell Castle! NO HATING ON AUSTEN!

As a non-gambler, all the jokes about gambling are kinda out of my general milieu.

Beckett, without Castle!? Castle, without Beckett!?

Oh, Ryan wedding drama…
… and I had forgotten about Esposito’s break-up

so… the captain wants Beckett to become even more of a workaholic? hm.

So I feel like Beckett’s jacket needs a collar of some point.

That guy looks a bit too obvious

I wonder if the computer guy has something to do with the misdeeds

ah, money and corruption

I like seeing Beckett working with Gates on a case. It makes Gates more human.

Slow fellows.

“I like your hair, it’s… read”

oh, Alexis.

ah, the asymmetry of Castle’s “party” sucking, and Alexis having a party she didn’t plan

OMG they’re all Elvis impersonators. Hilariously bad, but also hilarious.

“what, Elvis can’t be brown? I’m Elvez”

So the guy they were stealing from was a sketchy and abusive bastard? hm.

“he has the IQ of a squirrel”
I’m totally using that in the future.

oh, the mob.

I love the unison “It was Castle’s idea!”

well computer guy was in on the blackmail, but not on the murder. mmmm

what happened to you?



no new Castle next week? :frowning:

man, this Castle episode was FUN.

I haven’t had so much fun with Castle since… well, since this season started, i mean the bank one was a ride, but this one was just fun.

I love how Alexis’ friend knew even if Castle walked in to the unplanned party, Castle would have been cool with it XD