Castle 4x06 Demons

Monday, 24 October 2011
10 PM Eastern/Pacific

Goody! Halloween Castle. :slight_smile:

Father Daughter Zombie time.

Watch the hypocracy Castle.

double dare :slight_smile:

I aint afraid of no ghosts. hehe

Hail fellow travelers!

Hey Aset :slight_smile:

OK the sound just went wonky

Skepticus Maximus :eek:

Love the faces! LOL

OK wonky sound is back =/

That’s one strong electro-magnet if it’s messing up your sound. :wink:

Apparently it is! LOL!

That Best Buy guy is channelling his inner Urkel.

Boy, they have lots of bad cops on this show…

Alright, that was fun as usual :slight_smile:

Yeah they do! Although I saw Beckett’s former boss on L&O as a defense attorney this afternoon!

I’m glad this was a more bantery light-hearted episode - it was exactly what I needed. <3 Castle!

Well, there’re a bunch of bad cops in the news these days, too :frowning:

this feels like the good old castle. though a lot of gore…

Supernatural last week was also back to old form, but also way too much gore…