Castle 3x24 Knockout

Geeesh Beckett

ouch. it’s over?

Noooo. I don’t want Castle to go!

Oh crap. That’s not good.

ohh angry and sad Castle

castle? throwing an empty liquor glass at the mock cover?

awww now heart to heart with his mom.

c’mon Castle, express your emotions

we speak for the dead…

nice speech there

noooo not him

ohhh this is not going to be good

Hey i htink that is the little girl from the iPhone Lemonaid stand commercial

uh oh.

can he not cal of the detail? or otherwise screw it up.

Is he saying goodbye goodbye? agh those bastards…

The music is really good in this section

Ahhh! Bad bad bad!

I feel like my broadcast is way ahead of you guys.

now we remember that Cap. Montgomery had dirty cop friends… but now I wonder how he got into it

damn, boys.

Wow this is an intense episode

interesting how the lighting in there is really similar to the blues of the freezer with castle earlier this season

my local news preview just informed me that it is currently national beer week. who knew?

oh, Montgomery