Castle 3x23: Pretty Dead

“Pretty Dead”

May 9, 2011

Eh, I’ll watch Castle tonight but after the end of SG:U I kinda just feel like brooding.

Dead pageant contestant? Gross.

minimize the press? and there’s a camera filming? weird-o.

Oops! Sorry. I forgot this was on tonight. :o

Nonsense, Badger, I’m sure you have a nefarious plan to make sure I’m the only GWCer watching Castle :stuck_out_tongue:

college roommate: Elle Woods on Steroids. OUCH.

well I do like sequins, on principle.

Sasha Roiz!

um she broke up with him? what?

On marriage:
“There’s no secret. Just keep showing up”

25 is old? Well I guess I’m screwed.

why she was murdered… dun dun duuuuuuuuun.

nudie pictures!

pageants and naked pictures are like socialites and sex tapes
oh, Castle.

Beckett’s the one who notices the artistic composition, nice.

It smelled of hairspray, perfume, and cigarette smoke. I’m surprised we didn’t spontanously combust.


Well I called the “boyfriend” being dead

Awk-ward !

the agent. huh.

he’s gonna retire! :eek:

“he’s the brett favre of the nypd” muwahahaha