Castle 3x22: To Love and Die in LA

“To Love and Die in LA”

May 2, 2011

a bounty hunter’s license? Do those things really exist? huh.

He’s fair, businesspeople do fly in for short periods of time.

First class upgrade? Not bad lol

of course Castle’s behind it :stuck_out_tongue: or rather, next to it, amirite?

Wow, commercials for Castle are much better than the SyFy commercials

Smooth, Castle, trying to get Beckett to stay with him :wink:

Couples massage? and flower and champagne? that’s hilarious

“In LA for a minute and she’s already spouting cheesy movie dialogue. Must be something in the air”

They both dressed up as him for Halloween! LOL

“she’s hot. no wonder your sex scenes are so steamy”

we wish… sigh.

“that is just creepy”

I found it amusing, tbh

Wow, Beckett, breaking in. Good on you.

and now they’re hiding from the cops? oh dear lol

Castle as the sidekick? nice

somebody’s angry…

local news = fail. “How (my area) responds to OBL’s death” really? I’m sure there are more important things going on in our area. Ugh.

Castle in the bathrobe? Lol.

And they have a “murder board.” awesome.

poolside cabana in the east wing.

not a bad set-up

love Castle with his umbrella-drink

wow, Beckett got recognized as a cop? that doesn’t happen in NY. I guess LA people read actors better