Castle 3x20 Slice of Death

Monday, 4 April 2011
10 PM Eastern/Pacific

Ah, it’s nice when AdBlockPlus blocks the Hulu commercials :slight_smile: blissful silence

“don’t make me tong you” hehehe

LOL all the well-done and half-baked jokes. I like. I’m surprised no one went for an alternate cremation joke…

“pizza’s a serious business in this town.” Damn and now I’m hungry

“full bodied flavor” HA.

“killer cyborg sent from the future…” Castle this is why we love you

HAHA Gordon Burns. Burns! Who got burned in a pizza oven while covering The Pizza Wars. love it.

“hold the extra cheese”

oh the Mobbed up pizza parlor! saw it coming, but it’s still fun.

and the big dark secret? It’s not diet cheese! muwahaha

Ooh Beckett’s got my phone. (And Castle’s precious with his taunting of Angry Birds)

that conniving bitch! it’s merited… that bitch!
(poor Alexis. she’s so lucky to have Gram and her Dad, though)

“did someone find naked pictures of you again?” HA again? oh myyyyyyyy Castle.

Harley Romero… hmmmm…

Woot return of the Writer jacket!

“Did you kick her ass? … Good girl”

what happened to Gordon’s kid…


That’s one heavy pizza box.

Very nice there. She seemed a bit out of place in the story…

That was another fun one. Loved all the “bad jokes”, and the crime itself ended up being pretty interesting IMO.

i know, it’s so wrong when at the beginning of the episode we just saw a body in the pizza oven, and i still get the cravings for pizza 5 minutes into the episode…

this is the best ad for pizza ever.