Castle 3x19 Law & Murder

Monday, 28 March 2011
10 PM Eastern/Pacific

Anyone here gonan frak with me…i am like 4 min behind

I’ll be like… 12 hours behind. Or whenever they get it on Hulu :wink:

Huh, for the first few minutes that looked a lot like all the grumpy white people passing judgment on the young black guy. That was… uncomfortable.

I love that Castle always brings coffee for them.

And the juror’s dead! time for a murder discussion…
“all the makings of a John Grisham novel”
haha Castle wants dibs on the story? and cyanide!
“That’s fantastic, unless you’re the juror”

“Since this isn’t in fact a Grisham novel I’ll keep an open mind”
tee hee

“a killer cup of joe… too soon”
yay! I’ve missed the banter in the recent episodes, look like this one got it back :slight_smile:

Looks don’t make it so… seriously.
(Makes me think the camera focused on the overwhelmingly white racial composition of everyone but the defendant wasn’t incidental (though there was a black woman on the jury who we don’t see at the start))

Oh wow Castle, you’re GPS-stalking your daughter? So not a cool Dad.

Ryan and Esposito are so funny, arguing about being like Castle or a renaissance man

Interesting twist, he bought himself onto the jury? And why…

LOL Castle’s tell! he’s gonna get in trouble…

And Alexis reacted wonderfully.
“You have the best kid in the world, and you treated her like a common criminal!” Beckett’s so right…

oh, DA politics.

one, they’re dead
two, he happened to be in the area
three, he’s our killer


“mine is less convoluted and contrived!”
but the convoluted and contrived ones are fun!

…and they are right to be curious about the DA…

oh Mr. Lou DA is a jerk-face. He came off as such in the opening and wow that explosion just emphasized it.

digging… on the internet

seat-back button!

“otherwise we’ll just be looking for tall people”

I also love that Castle has his book on his phone as a wallpaper lol. And Alexis is such a good kid! Castle’s lucky.

“Worst brother since Cain” not a bad comparison

“For the greater good” ew has he not read Harry Potter?

Cops live in black and white? Some things are right and wrong.
That said I find that the rich kid getting caught and punished is quite satisfying.

Castle’s so devilish, getting Beckett to invite him to see Forbidden Planet.

That was a fun one. Yay!

Only Castle can bring smile to my face at the end of such a dark and sad tale…

hmm, i do love the idea of having a commish on the show though, very Batman-ish.