Castle 3x15 The Final Nail

Monday, 14 February 2011
10 PM Eastern/Pacific

Wow, another dude from Persons Unknown.

Couple minutes behind should catch up inside a commercial break or two

I hope it’s not the husband.

i am thinking someone else related to them. Perhaps mother or brother.

A friend and I are still at this point totally unsure where they might be going with this.

Castle’s expression of how this guy was totally his mentor is really touching… but yeah, he’s way too close to this.

Ouch, Beckett. Ouch.

Well, it’s half into the ep. Got the wrong person…

jewelry? didn’t see that angle, interesting

I don’t have a clue except the husband this time. Bummed.

the two of them back together again, so cute!

A ha!

(that’s why the guy looked shifty about his dad)

A bit short on the banter, but still an interesting case. Definitely not what I had necessarily expected.

Oh! TWO PARTER next week!?

Bah. Oh well.

Petrelli from Heroes!

My network keeps fritzing.

I didn’t see that one coming. I knew the friend is innocent because they keep pushing how he seems guilty. But I didn’t see that’s what Castle would find in the end.