Castke 4x11 "Til Death Do Us Part"

9 January 2012

yay, new Castle! :slight_smile:

He’s bringing Alexis right

yup yup.

oh Esposito. Poor Esposito.

And that poor fruit cart. “certain yet citrusy death”

Music from Carmen, and lipstick on the pillow? ouch.
Jane Eyre? hehe

It’s like a redheaded mirror of Beckett (I’m sure it’s the hairstyle)

I think it’s the hair and their face shapes.

“even her hypothetical fury was unnerving”

“Darling, beauty doesn’t happen by accident” So true. Awesome earrings btw

that’s a lot of scorned women… and a lot of fury

glad I’m not the only one who saw it :slight_smile: and hi!!

A whole lot of motive…and possible stds :eek:

Hi K! Glad I’m not the only one who’s been missing Rick and the gang. :slight_smile:

el al? spy??

Dr. Toby Lang is smokin hawt. You go Lanie!

I’m loving the Bourne references. Espionage in this case is cool, but it’s probably all about women.

Perhaps. It is a bit early to reveal the game. But I love spy stories…

ew sketcy-ass pick up artists? gross.

Ex-stalk-tion!! These guys have waaaaay too much time in their hands.

Sketchy gross craaaaaap

I strike out 90% of the time
That’s restoring my faith in my gender