Caprica to return Oct 5th...OF 2010!


But…I thot…wasn’t it gonna be 2011?

Is this good or bad news for the series?

Well it was mentioned in the comments later if this was a way to burn off the rest of the season to cancel it. Have to wait and see on that.


End of Line scored a dismal 1.3 HH. I would think SyFy, Universal Cable, and NBCU will be looking for a healthy ratings bounce or else.

The actors options were partially renewed until November. SyFy is busting its annual fiscal budget moving Caprica up to this fiscal year’s October. Somebody is shelling out hard cash optimism in the face of past meager ratings. Isn’t that good?

I think Caprica was helped enormously now that Mark Stern is also development VP at Universal Cable Productions. He literally makes what he sells himself as development VP over at SyFy. :smiley:

I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this!

…Even though it does sound like they’re doing the ‘burn off the episodes’ move, which might not have been necessary if they didn’t chop the season in half. Or maybe it makes no difference, since the ratings you mentioned weren’t great in S1. But I would think when the show comes back in October, the ratings might be even worse. (but I hope it’s not the case).

For now, I’m just glad to see the show sooner rather than later!

If dead walker Zoe in leather pants with a Wakizashi sword can’t draw in the masses, I’m not sure anything can.

Caprica: Girls Gone Wild!

Fanwank: “Dead Walker” was I believe first coined in an unusually dark but cultish favorite children’s book, Demeter’s Child. Mankind is visited by a plague from the Witch Queen who wishes his proverbial Fall. Only a little boy and his animal friends stand against her. The nature of that plague makes you think about the potential hazardous side effects of holoband use. The book’s title, “Demeter’s Child”, is a reference to Zeus’ daughter Persephone, queen of the underworld. Maybe just a coincidence. :slight_smile:

things Caprica needs to do… take the stories off world already… get the real stakes in… tighter stories…

the one episode that really stuck with me is the one with Tamera discovering her powers in the V-world while her father is going through the ritual of letting her go… more episode structured like that, and we’ll be fine.

This is good news, both for the show and for me.


This is really good news for the embattled Syfy show, which has a chance to show improved ratings for the second half of the season, before its fate gets decided. Originally, co-creator David Eick told reporters that the actors’ contracts were expiring in mid-August, after which Syfy probably wouldn’t be able to order more episodes. Then Fancast reported that Syfy had paid to extend the actors’ contracts into November, giving the channel more time to make a decision.

“What do we say?”



Can’t wait to see this! Did anyone else notice in one of the video previews on it showed Zoe with her dead v-world boyfriend? Does this mean his avatar is still alive, even though he died in the real world?

I think what you are referring to was from a previous episode where the Zoe-Cylon escaped from the lab and killed him.

Blastr page with commercial videos:

SyFy (name still sucks) with preview clip:

For sure I will watch it - witht he hopes that they give it a chance to tell the full story the Moore wants to tell and th ehopes of more to come like refernces to Kobol and Earth (if not a little miniseries or two).

Ah, that makes more sense. I was wondering how they were going to bring him back.

Caprica gets another chance to survive after all

Good news: the rest of Caprica’s first season will start airing next month, instead of January as originally planned. That means that the episodes will air before Syfy has to decide whether to pull the plug on the BSG prequel.

Worth noting: Caprica is going to be airing on Tuesday nights and not Friday nights. This seems like an interesting move on the part of Syfy since new episodes of BSG and Caprica have almost always been aired on Fridays.

My question to the network still remains unanswered (on Fezbuuk, their forums, direct email, five foot burning signs on their lawn…). Will they marathon the first nine episodes again, so I can fill in the three gaps on my DVR? I have a few folks willing to take the plunge on the show, but only if I have a complete “starter set” to show them.

The schedule on their website shows 5 of the episode back to back before the S1.5 opener:

Oct 5 (Times are Eastern)

03:00 PM There Is Another Sky

04:00 PM Know Thy Enemy

05:00 PM The Imperfections Of Memory

06:00 PM Ghosts In The Machine

07:00 PM End Of Line

Yeah, saw that, and thank ye, Gryper…actually, it was the preceding 'sodes (Rebirth, Gravedancing, etc.) that I was missing. Sort of critical when trying to get a newcomer to drink the R.D.Moore-flavored Kool-Aid and give in to the show’s premise.

Hope springs eternal…

I have all the episodes on DVD if they don’t reshow them all. :wink: