Caprica Final Five Episodes Discussion

Discuss! For those of us that had the audacity to watch syfy’s marathon tonight, or have seen the episodes before.

“You may want to kneel”…jsut some bad (sorrybarb) right there

The end montage sold it…really wish there was an oppotunity to flesh those moments out.

BTW–what ended up happening ot Tamara? Zoe got out and became a early model Skinjob…but what happed with Tamara?

Sadly a victim of time constraints and cancellation I guess.

I’m left wondering where STO got their monotheist ideas from, originally?

That was just an excellent five episodes. And I do agree - they would have played alot of this out over the next season.

What a shame that syfy couldn’t bother to schedule this show in a rational manner.

Holy Frak that was amazing! My head is spinning. I feel satisfied in that I feel like I know enough about the origins of cylons and the war, but disappointed that the series only got one season.

Given the effectiveness of the ending montage, I really can’t see them continuing the story in comic form, though I would love that.

Yes, I too wonder what happened to Tamra and I agree that we don’t exactly know the origins of the STO or why there was such animosity between monotheists and polytheists. I get that religious groups often are at odds, but I feel like we missed a good story there.

It’s all a damn shame. My the gods bless Blood and Chrome.

So say we all.

I have the eps DVR’d, but I have not had time to watch them yet! My husband is out of town, and he wants me to wait to watch them with him. It’s killing me…

I can’t get these episodes out of my head. The story I line I felt most connected to was that of the Adama brothers. It went in places I didn’t expect. Yoseph was his own person, but amazingly I can see the traces of him in Bill Adama, which is incredible story telling.

I also enjoyed all the little Easter eggs- the lighter, the Cottle reference and Bill with the model boat. Those were well done.

Frak, I think I’m going to go in mourning all over again!

It’s just a damn shame how syfy treated this brilliant show and didnt give it much chance. I just watched the final five episodes on hulu and they were absolutely amazing!!! I was a HUGE BSG fan and this was just piece of the masterpeice that came from that universe and really sorry that alot of people could see that!!! on that note looking foward to blood & Crome but feel like that its going to be dumbed down for the pure action seeker viewers…SMFH

I admit it was never my favorite show, although it had me intrigued. Watching the last montage of the final episode really made me want a second season. I do hope that some sort of bridge can be made during Blood and Chrome. Maybe mention some of the Adamas or have Clarice or Lacy (older version) cameos. Time will tell I guess.

I second that emotion, Orion, on a couple counts – while the show was not the end-all-be-all I had hoped, it did have some intriguing elements, and could potentially tee up some interesting aspects for B&C. I guess we twiddle our thumbs for a bit, and see what happens.

I’ll third those opinions. It’s just a pity how slow they made the storyline move in season 1.0

As a lover and defender of Caprica, seeing these last episodes really made me wish that SyFy had given it more of a chance so we could at least get to see the lynch pin that starts the first war.

Cylon uprisings!

So much potential beaten down when it was getting really good, and on cable no less.

Just got through watching the episodes. I may have only caught 4 of them because our cable was just installed after a move on the day they airs. I was really impressed. I went in with a weak attitude knowing it was canceled and only paid partial attention to the first couple of episodes, but now I wish I could go back and watch again. The montage was frakking amazing.

I caught the ship and the lighter. What was the Cottle reference?

The GDD guy working undercover with Amanda got shot by the STO. When Amanda was home with Daniel, Daniel asked how the GDD guy was doing. She said, “Thank the gods Cottle was there.” or something like that.

Well after taking a break from Caprica due to the bummer feeling of having yet another show I’m into cancelled, I’m picking it up again. I have 10 episodes I haven’t watched. Now I’m looking forward to it, and really looking forward to Blood & Chrome.

I think I am going with what they said on Slice of Sci-Fi, “Awesome world, but I could care less if any of the people died in it.”
I really am hoping for better in Blood & Chrome!