Caprica eps 10 and 11 - spoilers

So I’ve watched episodes 10 and 11 of caprica having umm… obtained them :o .

IT’s a nice season opener It almost feels like we’ve gotten a sort of Caprica 1.5, there was a lovely cliffhanger at the end of episode 9 and some nice reveqls.

Ok entering spoiler terretory here.
I loved the way episode 10 and 11 tagged you along giving you the impression Amanda Greystoen was dead, then right at the end of episode 11 - boom!

but I’ll come back to that soon enough, watching the episode ten there’s some nice set ups for the rest of the season. The gradual drawing in of Dr greystone by the Taurans, the compromises he is asked to make 0- there’s a lovely scene with the remote control where he’s asked to blow up his mother.

The other story (what I might call the B arc) in these eps are the whole Clarice arc, with the merging of the STO and the Gemenon’s, the “one true god”. I honestly thought she was going to be killed, the death of one of the twelve came as something of a shock.

I’m wondering if these twelve, especially clarice are perhaps the future models (mentally speaking) for the twelve skin jobs we see developed in BSG.

This has me intrigued as to where the series is going and how everything is linked up with the eventual BSG universe. We all know where this is going but we’re interested in the journey I think.

There are some other points I could make but this is really just a “get the ball rolling” sort of post, trying to embed meself more in the community I suppose.

Feel free to reply in any way shape or form you see fit.
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I have to say that I’m gonna stop watchin Caprica now. :frowning:

I feel the show is becoming more and more a soap opera, and that really turns me off. I don’t mind drama and internally struggling characters, but there needs to be some kind of external movement in history as well.

I’m bummed that my first post here was a negative comment. Sorry about that…

Wow! That is an interesting idea. I could totally see Clarice’s persona developing into Cavil. Sure. Sure. We know Cavil is modeled after Ellen’s father but perhaps some of Clarice’s memories / essence is there.

Yeah, intrigued is definitely the word. I really love this show. I am so engrossed in the story that I’m not even thinking about it’s connection to BSG. I’m really looking forward to the scenes with Amanda and Clarice. Polly Walker and Paula Malcomson are so amazing.

No worries. There is plenty around here to discuss. Welcome, tha_lode.

One time, I was discussing Deep Space Nine with a fellow geek. We were at lunch with a bunch of co-workers. Two of our female friends were eavesdropping. They said, “You sound like two washwoman talking about your soap operas.” I thot about that for a moment and said, “Hmmm, yeah. I guess you’re right from a certain point of view.” To which my friend giggled and solicited while performing his best Luke Skywalker impression, “A certain point of view?” We then both giggled and the ladies just shook their heads.

Welcome to the forum. And it’s fine to express your honest opinion.

I’m just curious. Have you watched all of Caprica so far?
Because in the commentary podcast for the episode around 5 or 6 they explicitly say they’re moving the show AWAY from a soap-opera style to a more epic “high stakes” drama.
But if you have seen call of Caprica and you still think it’s a soap opera, maybe it’s not for you.

Personally, I think it’s the best show on TV right now :smiley:
What other shows do you watch?

Yes, I’ve seen all episodes of last season. I saw halfway through ep 10, and then got the distinct feeling that this show is “too little butter spread over too much bread”.

Even more religion? I don’t really feel like watching a show about a made up religious conflict. Too much inside the head for my taste. It certainly wasn’t the best part of BSG either.

Sure they might talk about offing characters and stuff, but for some reason I don’t really care. I think I need more space combat and robots kicking butt.

I however reserve the right to change my mind at any time. :wink:

My trouble is I only have so much time to do nerd out these days, so I just have to prioritize really hard. Mass Effect 2 has been my main source of fun after my daughter has benn put to bed these days, but I just finished it tonight. Since SGU and Fringe have started my schedule is still full though.

Well, the theistic themes in Caprica are more there as a vehicle to explain the divide between the humans and the cylons and show how they’re diverging. Zoe says she follows the “one true god” because the polythesists are growing too corrupt and depraved. Later on in the timeline, in BSG, the cylons destroy humanity partially because they perceive it as natural evolution, and partially because they’ve grown disgusted with humanity.

It’s unfortunate that the show has to boil down differences in how these two groups perceive morality in their culture to religion, I agree. They talk about the different ways they each want to run society and what’s wrong with their world, but the simple go-to way to embody that is with a religious difference. But then, I unapologetically love the philosophical and theological points the show brings forward (intentionally or not).

As for eps 10 & 11, I’m looking forward to Zoe and Tamara finally meeting up again. The whole “deadwalker in V-world” thing is a little trite feeling, and I wanna see it go somewhere.

Eee, I am so glad to read this. It sounds right up my alley–I hate hate hate real world discussions of politics and religion, but couch it in science fiction or fantasy and suddenly I love it. I think it’s how it kind of distances itself a little bit from real life–you can recognize the influences, yeah, but in a completely different setting with different circumstances and actors and everything, you’re freer to look at it from a few more angles without some of the involvement that you would if you were looking at it in the news or something.

Also, I really, really, really want to see what happens when Zoe and Tamara meet up, and I can’t wait to see how Barnabus’ faction and Clarice’s faction are going to butt heads. I’ve said it elsewhere, but the two things I care about least on this show are Daniel Greystone and Joseph Adama :confused:

Rant on:
Disgust in moral depravity seems like a poor reason to blow up a subway… Despair or revenge are reasons I can more easily see motivate people to acts of terrorism. I’m sure it can happen, but the important thing here is that since we as an audience is not supposed to completely dislike them we should feel that have have some moral “right” to these atrocities.

Why should I care that the clergy are considering killing clarice. She doesn’t have any redeeming qualities. (that I can see anyways)

And “mother” seemed to be an extremely lightweight actor…

But as I said: I might pick it up later and give it another try.

Word. I think that’s one of the reasons I’m loving the show so much. I was pretty ambivalent to Caprica when it first started precisely because it was a BSG prequel - I wanted to see what else RDM/Eick can make outside of the BSG universe (as I mentioned before, I was psyched about Virtuality. Sigh!). But now, total love. I still think there are improvements to be made on the show (but I see they are already making alterations in weaker characters like Clarice now, so that’s a good sign), but I just love how dark and brooding the show gets, and how my brain feels after watching an episode.

I agree with Sithwitch halfway. I find Daniel interesting - I can’t forget how great his scenes were with Zoe from last season - but Joseph (and Bill and Sam) are still a bore. Perhaps it has to do with having had a whole history of the Adamas already in place in BSG, which affects how the writers can write Joseph, Sam and Bill Adama. (Tamara on the other hand, I can’t wait to see again.) I thought it was strange to see Joseph do a 180 from sad sap whiny dad to calm cool collected mafia dude. I thought he’s still a lawyer at this point, where does he get all this time to be a lackey? But either way, still don’t care about that.

I wouldn’t call him a lackey. More like a Consigliere, he doesn’t do the heavy work. That’s what his brother does. He fixes the problems they have. I think of him more like Michale Corleone. A person who was down deep good but got pulled into the family business. Now how he extricates himself form the Taurons and gets respectable is going to be seen over time with the show.

Once we have Daniel back in control I wholey believe that he will turn on the Taurons and he will have the firepower to back him up.:smiley: They think they will control him . I think they may have misjudged that one.

Ditto! You can sit here and say what-if or play mind games with these ideas all you want, but in sci-fi you get to see it actually implement, you get to play with and manipulate it. The genre makes all these abstract ideas malleable.

The only part I find interesting is how Joesph’s development and life are going to affect William’s. Admiral Adama mentions his father quite a bit during BSG, so I’m hoping a bit more comes of their relationship. For now though, I have to agree: the Cylon race is “under construction” so that makes these two characters the story-bound link to the BSG series.

Yeah, Lode, I can see where you’re coming from. The STO are definitely inconsistently portrayed. You get character like Zoe, who are all about god because of the moral stuff and want to make a statement in V-world about about the properties of the soul. Then on the other hand, you have the STO faction with Clarice, blowing up monorails and planning massacres.

Personally, I want to see Clarice either killed off, or have this turmoil elevate her in the STO so she can finally be a full-fledged villain. But then maybe her villainy is just the kind I’m not used to: the “in the shadows” waffling back and forth kind of villain.

they’ve made the worst character on the show the focus of it. a terrible plan to make people watch. I know its bad,and yet,I can’t stop watching. maybe because of its connection to bsg?

Eric Stoltz performance will always bring me back,no matter how silly the plot gets.

I agree. Eric Stoltz has always been interesting to watch.

I’m amazed that he hasn’t been casted in larger roles before.