Caprica 1x09 End of Line Discussion Thread

Thoughts on the midseason finale?

I personally enjoyed it alot. I felt like it delivered what I had been waiting for from Caprica - some real tension - real stakes - and real plot motion:-). I didnt dislike the rest of the season - I enjoyed it for what it was… a slower (than BSG at least) paced drama. However, this episode felt just like watching a great episode of Battlestar.

Although it was sad to see her go, from a writing perspective I’m very happy with the choice to kill Amanda Graystone. The truth is her character had the least going on. She sat around at home, had flashbacks, and caused trouble for the other characters. I think in death her character can impact others in a more interesting way then she did when she was alive.

Once again, Bear McCreary delivers an incredible contribution to this episode. As a musician, Ive been a huge fan of music’s prominent role in BSG, and now Caprica. At first, I must admit I found Bear’s opera a bit out of place, even distracting. But once we realize how Amanda’s walk outside is going to end, I suddenly realized that the music worked perfectly. The very classical operatic orchestration marked with odd dissonances beautifully reflected Amanda’s inner turmoil as everything she loved betrayed her.

End of Line was a wonderful episode that gave me hope for the direction of this series. I was hopeful that Caprica would have a slow beginning and then pick up the pace… this is the episode that did it for me. Can’t wait to tune in next week!!! … what’s that you say.? not until the fall or so? QQtears

Well you will have to wait for that next week as now SGU is on tap for a few months. Hopefully what we have seen the previews will not all be what is in it. As far as Cap is concerned it was much better. Kinda felt sorry for the Tech but he was stupid and we all knew he wouldn’t last for long. Now will he be revived as an avatar that will interact with Zoe. That’s an interesting concept there. How will Barnabus be taken care of now that Sister Clarisse is still alive. Lacey is in over her pretty lil head and sinking fast. Better get to swimming girl.

What i’m still having difficulty with is why do they need military robots like this. I know, I know, if they didn’t there wouldn’t be need of a show. What i’m getting at is isn’t there a President of the Colonies. Or was this an occurrence after the war began. If it was the latter then that might explain the interest. Otherwise it’s kinda pointless wouldn’t you say. Now a defense force are a National militia that’s something else altogether. I gather that we will find out why they are needed but it better be good.

Yeah I agree. There has been no hostility mentioned between the colonies. Sure, there is racism and patriotism but there has been no talk about subjugation of peoples or a need to police them.

The benefits to the Defense contractors is obvious. The robot is essentially a walking tank and the “perfect” soldier. It follows orders, period. It has no conscience or remorse. It doesn’t get tired or sick or injured. You can create them in a factory and they are ready to go off the shelf. There is no training, no new recruits.

Danny made that impressive speech to his board members but besides killing folk I don’t see the benefit of the robot.

i just think they need to get the frak off Caprica city soon. take it to other worlds. that way we can see if there really are hostilities among colonies. it might be like Firefly where Capricans thinks everything are fine, while the rest o the colonies can’t even scrounge up enough to eat.

I liked this episode a lot too. Though I’m not convinced Amanda is dead. Do we know that for a fact from something said in other sources? And does anyone else wonder if the vision of a dead brother is really a Head character? That whole Amanda-goes-crazy story seemed to be going somewhere.

Plus, in the intro you see Daniel leading her up to something and she’s looking at it in wonder, but you can’t tell what. I don’t think that’s been aired yet.

I believe the Colonies united after the first Cylon War. At this point in the story they are still separate, which explains the need for defense.

I don’t think Amanda is dead either.

I’ve been saying that I think the whole first season is leading to them finding out Zoe is the robot. I’ve been wondering if they are gonna make Danny lose everything and he sides with Zoe and they go to Gemenon as fugitives. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I thought this was a really good episode. I think that Amanda is dead, and that her death will really send Daniel over the edge. What if he creates a V-Amanda to deal with his grief?

And what about V-Zoe? Can she die? Will she just be pulled back into the V-world once the Cylon body blows up?

Pre-Cylon resurrection? Possible, but I think it’s too soon.

I think it’s possible that the now dead tech guy will return as a avitar with zoey. I can also see his avitar persona evolving into a cylon leader when things start happening 20 years or so from Capricas present time. I doubt if the shows creative team even know for sure and it’s just as likely we will never hear of him again. On the whole I liked the episode alot. It moved with a purpose unlike some earlier ones and left us with some very interesting possibilities. I can honestly say I am not sure where they are going with some plot threads and that is a good thing.

I think it is possible that Amanda’s Head-brother, may intervene and stop her death, with sister Clarice an eye witness to a miracle of the O.T.G…


Amanda did die and she will be Daniels Head character…

I do find it odd that if there is trouble in the colonies, that Caprica would out source the cylon project to Touron (sp). Unless, there are multi-world, allies. just a thought.

After listening to the last David Eick’s Podcasts, here’s the deal:

Originally they had intended that Vergis tried to frak with Amanda’s mind (to destroy everything that Daniel had) by using a look-alike of her brother.
But during the shooting and editing, they discarded this storyline and now it looks like that Zoe’s death triggered Amanda’s psychosis of her dead brother.

Listening to the last Podcast (also with Paula Malcomson), it really sounds IMO that Amanda Graystone is dead, but maybe we could see her character in flashbacks etc.

Dang, I would have been right (mostly) if it had been Vergis messing with Amanda. I suspected her prescriptions were off either purposely or accidentally.

Well, I liked Amanda and hope she’s not gone. True, all she did was cry and look tortured, but maybe her story could have given her some new emotions at some point! :wink:
The actress pulled off the character very well.

I too am expecting a miracle in the river.

So, when does Caprica return? Anyone know?

I have tried to listen to david’s podcast, but for some reason for me it is the best cure for insomnia… something about his voice or something I just can’t stay awake.

On another note…
Things the we know that we know…

  1. RDM “lurks” on this forum… (so possibly, david might as well.)
  2. NOBODY not even RDM knew who the finale five were ahead of time.

And so, just in case they are looking for Ideas, I present all of mine. that said, even if they Killed Amanda, with no thought of her becoming a “head” character, that does not mean it won’t happen on some level, at some point…Even if She becomes Daniels conscience…and not a whatever-the-frak the other ones were…Angels?

And I still believe that Daniel will be taken by His creation at some point and made into the first hybrid…(who tells Shaw about Starbuck in Razor)
And my Greatest hope of all…Is that WHEN I am wrong about all of this, it will be because they did something even cooler.

so… is Amanda’s brother a head character?

I have trouble with the notion of Amanda Graystone not surviving the river. That would be “too damn convenient” and is something that would not fit with the RDM way of doing things. Since some of the symptoms exhibited by Amanda are suspected in our universe to be hereditary…Amanda’s whole downward spiral helps illuminate Zoe-A as perhaps not the saint Sister Clarice makes her out to be. What if Zoe-A is as bonkers as Zoe’s own mother?

We did not see the robot destroyed. Zoe-A is likely somewhere. Zoe-A already showed the capability of CyFi transmission as she did not need a physical access point to reach V-World to interact with Philomon at points.

As to Lacey, it seems like the A Story is mostly about her really. The Adamas have been buried as a B Story so far. Lacey keeps my interest far better than the other characters as she seems the most human.

A storyteller can sometimes have too much of a story to tell within the constraints of a particular format. How many different local instances of CSI does CBS present? The reason why perhaps folks find Caprica not too satisfying is that the story envisioned is possibly too big for the 42 minute weekly TV show window. Heck, even the three CSI shows on occasion have cross-cutting cross-overs.

My hopes for things to come:

  1. We see an alpaca farm on Caprica
  2. We figure out where on earth Grandpa Joe’s lighter came from. Was it a gift from the manipulative Evelyn?
  3. Further fleshing out of Admiral Cain’s eventual back story…especially since she is supposedly Tauron…

I’m pleased with the direction that Caprica finally took in these last few episodes. I’m interested in what happens and how/what will relate back to the Cylon faith in BSG. We all thought we were getting the beginnings of the Cylon war with the show, but it’s more than that.

I know some folks hated the finale of BSG, with both races becoming intertwined, but it’s clear they always have been. What I’m most interested in are the origins of the STO. The Polytheists are so much larger in number, I’m really curious to know what led to the idea of one God.

I hope Amanda Greystone isn’t dead.

Daniel as the future Grandpa Goo? That would be great! I had assumed the Cylons grew him, but it’s totally possible he started out as a natural human.

I didn’t think I would like this show, but I really did. I watched an all day marathon with really low expectations because “it just didn’t look interesting” but I was completely drawn into Caprica. Perhaps it’s because I’m a huge fan of Tron and I loved how they created the V-world. Caprica reminds me a lot of Dallas too, power, corruption, two huge powerful families with drama. Nothing wrong that to me in my mind.
I really hope Amanda isn’t dead because I would like Daniel not to become a typical mad scientist. I would like him to be kept somewhat grounded but of course in BSG fashion.

and let the god sort out.

This show needs focus. One avatar to set the stage for the Apocalypse. Two sides to fight the war, preferably Sister w/ an army of Cylons–maybe Tamara inside them all, crazy as hell and ready to kill. One god in training. And a smattering of answers to BSG questions.