cancelled tv shows arc.


So I was thinking about us doing, an arc of all the series that were taking far to soon it would be a good chance for the community to share those hidden gems that were taken out a shot behind the chemical shed.

Discuss the how and why it happens compare. The current situation in the tv industry, to the past. Could be an interesting idea.


If they were any good, they’d still be on, wouldn’t they?

I’m kidding, I’m kidding…


You would think so, but there is no explanation for the Dresden Files or Firefly


I have a theory that most people don’t want to watch good TV. They want to watch easy TV. Good TV engages the brain and stirs the emotions. Easy TV makes us gasp at how that platinum blonde with the horrible boob and face job just slapped the gay guy.

And as a bonus for the TV people, easy TV is cheaper to produce than its weight in dirt.


Cool idea. I’m watching Threshold and The Nine right now and they would be reasonable candidates.


never got into Dresden Files… it just wasn’t what I pictured out of the books. I realize that’s a bit of the problem; not stretching the mind to allow for differences, but it seems to me that since the series of books had not ended (haven’t read Ghost Stories yet…) that it’s fairly difficult to add the video series in when the print series has either written that story out of the loop, or tried to explain a portion of the story already covered in print.

Plus, I kept expecting the Blue Beetle. I know, fairly lame of an excuse. But people get hot and bothered about the Batmobiles, too. So the 'Beetle doesn’t have rockets or grappling guns or gas vents. It’s tackled chlorofiends.


One I think might be intrested is to do each part as the reason why. Take for example The Middle Man which it’s biggest problem was not the show, but the station it was on. ABCFamily, had a completely different audience then what the show was. Titus for example was a show that was canceled due to content reasons. Where it just started to get unconformable for people paying for it. So stopped paying for it. There last episode involved rape of a child, was serious when it need to be. Though there were parts that were funny as well. This relating to Christopher Titus’ comedy is humor coming from dark parts of his life. Norman Walkman is Crying special he did would be the stand up version of what the show Titus was. Sometimes a show just needs to be put down because it had been playing for too long. The Drew Cerry show being a good example of this. Which dragged on for years past the point where it was need, simply because it was safe bet people would watch it. Which you could say about many sitcoms. Some it was purely the mismanaging of it, which Firefly being the best example of that.


Good TV or Easy TV aside, most people want to watch Entertaining TV. The more entertaining good TV is the more people will want to watch it. At least that’s my theory. What do you think?

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I keep thinking, that V.I.P. with Pamela Anderson wouldn’t of failed if that was true.