BSG panel at the UN

The BSG UN Panel was recorded and archived at
I’ve started watching this and its pretty interesting. To help introduce the show they put together some interesting clips.

Here is the description from the UN site:
Special Event: UN Public Information Department, Sci Fi Channel to co-host a panel with Battlestar Galactica creators to raise profile of humanitarian concern. The discussion will explore some of the themes that are of importance to both the United Nations and the critically acclaimed television show: human rights; terrorism; children and armed conflict; and reconciliation and dialogue among civilizations and faiths. The panel will be moderated by Academy Award-winning actress and producer Whoopi Goldberg. Oscar-nominated actress Mary McDonnell, Emmy Award-winning and Oscar-nominated actor Edward James Olmos, and Battlestar Galactica creators and executive producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick will participate in the panel.”

i like how they have the un people sitting behind plaques that say aerelon (probably spelled wrong), which is baltar’s crappy farming colony.

had a phone call so i’m now just getting back to it. I really enjoyed the clip they played for provide some BSG background to the ppl in the audience. And the clips from BSG to introduce topics like tourture.

Think its great that BSG is at the UN. Screw the Emmy.

thanks for sharing the webcast. And I am glad the UN took it very seriously, and the people who came up were able to connect what the show tried to get people to think about to the work they do in the UN.

I am especially moved by those who worked on Children affected in war times and the Terrorism epople. Those are incredibly difficult issues and a very worthy cause.

Watching this panel made me think more about the show and what it talked about. I have to say I didn’t really find Tigh’s terrorism that objectionable at the time of season 2.5. But now I see it. Once people objectified their enemy, stopped reguarding their enemy as human beings deserving the same rights, then it is easy to violate human rights and commit terrorism. And the only way to stop it, is for those with power to be willing to listen to those without.

While I believe in the UN I often think of it as useless unmovable blob of bureaucracy that accomplishes zip. But watching that panel last night it occurred to me we might not realize how much really is accomplished by the UN, it just flies low under the radar.

During the discussion the panel was asked what they hoped people would take away from the series. I don’t recall RDM’s exact words but jist of it was to make people think about various issues we confront in our world. If that was the goal, RDM and DE have succeeded.

well said. exactly how i felt. and those people seemed so genuinely passionate about their mission that makes me renew my belief in peaceful processes.

except that when they say “all the nations on this earth are here” that i am saddened by my nation not being represented in the UN due to political pressure.

While we don’t see tangible results very often from the machinations of the UN, I do believe there is a very important result of it’s existence. The countries represented have to sit down, look & speak to each other. It’s a lot easier to dehumanize a country & it’s people when you don’t have to actually look or talk to them.

I caught that line about all nations too. I’m not sure if that was a bit of UN bigotry surfacing or just a careless choice of words. If there is any hope for peace in this world we had better figure out a way that permits ALL people to sit at the same table and engage in the dialog.


So Say We All.

I absolutely agree about the importance of the UN but I am often frustrated by it. Too often its a nod to the status quo and the status quo isn’t working. Too often it fails to effect change. Hopefully to some degree it is working, just in a quiet low profile, subcomitte kind of way. The panel gave me a bit of hope that might be case.

I understand your frustration, I share it as well. In their defense (I’m sure you already know) it’s hard to truly effect change when you have no power to enforce anything.

I love EJO He is the Old man in real life as well. What a rousing speech

and that lack of power is the thorn in their heel.

io9 has a great write up covering the BSG panel as well

I love when David points out how Mary refers to Laura as she, and Eddie refers to Adama as I.

thanks for posting

I also love that Mary’s the one that used “airlock” as a verb

I found another one : :stuck_out_tongue:


Imho, they should’ve brought Romo Lambkin along… both the character & the actor are eloquent speakers…

He is one of my heroes… An awesome person. :smiley: