BSG bible by Ron Moore

Allegedly you can find the BSG series bible at this a address:

Maybe you can find out something new.
WARNING: Might be a little bit critical of Trek.

A “little” ?!?!?!!? :smiley:

I agree, it may be…but it brings up some great points and shows why BSG worked the way it did.

Oh, nifty.

And yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised to find some Trek snark. BSG was in many ways RDM’s reaction to Voyager.

Well this is very interesting indeed.

The most interesting thing I found was on page 4
The 2 possible backstories at the bottom of the page.
“the twelve tribes abandoned whatever advanced technology they had (which is possibly a recurrent theme)”

I am on page 2… this is what disturbed me…

Story. We will eschew the usual stories about parallel universes, time-travel, mind-control, evil twins, God-like powers and all the other cliches of the genre.

hmm… do you think they’ve achieves what RDM put out here?

parallel universes… er… i guess they avoided that.
Time-Travel… hmm… i guess…
Mind-control… did they avoid that one? Is head characters some kind of mind-control? I mean it physically makes people do things maybe out of their will.
evil twins… heck, it’s more than just twins… it’s a whole line of models.
God-like powers… Charbuck and Jesusbuck? Head characters?

Holy great read batman… it is nice to kno he had a general idea MOst of the time

It’s a good foundation, but it also exposes the way the 12 models thing spiralled out of control at the end.

You’d have to read the document in context - RDM probably used this to pitch the show to the network executives, the production company, it’s backers, et al. So it’s probably important to do some product differentiation from Star Trek : TNG

Besides trying to whitewash the stigma attached to sci-fi shows ever since Star Trek : TNG, I figure the network exec’s were acutely aware of RDM’s connection to that franchise & it would have been his imperative to exorcise some ghosts (in a matter of speaking) by re-imagining something new from something old.

ooo… some good stuff! thanks for the heads up!

Thank you for posting!

I have wanted to read this for ages but not had the will to do any extensive sleuthing to find it.

Wow, I just stumbled onto this thread. What an interesting read. The big surprise? Starbucks dad’s name was nailed down in this first bible. I never saw that one coming.