Bsg 75

I was just watching some old episodes and I’ve noticed the “75”. 7+5 does that sounds familiar to anyone ?

Twelve. Interesting…

now multiply that with 3306.083 (3+3+0+6 number of the cylons and 0+8+3 number of known cylons) you find the number of the survivor at the end of the last episode. Numerologie is really creepy…

galactica Is The Final Cylon Holy Crap It All Makes Sense Now! I Anti-hacked Itself!

Pegasus was in BSG 62!!! 6*2!!!

Valkyrie was in BSG 41!!! er…41! That’s almost 42!

Maybe they did that because they knew they would make a new Battlestar Galactica. Wait are we on the same page? lol