BSG 4X13 The Oath

Wednesday 4/17/2013 at 10:05PM EST

10 minute to jump

5 minutes to jump


“I don’t do passive aggressive” - yes you do

no Racetrack…no :frowning:

And then poor “new” chief :frowning: :frowning:

well Starbuck-did the thought that shit is happening occur or…yep it did.

Lee and Tom…oh how many lies in one conversation.

and the peons are pissed at Lee and KARA TO THE RESCUE!

I could have supported the coup if the people joining it weren’t ALL RAPISTS/SCUMBAGS/THUGS/ETC

and there’s the coup!


Baltar planning his escape-little does he know…

lots going on. Not enough time to record it all.

and a presidential address that really doesn’t get the message out but confuses any hope of the coup people getting their message out.

Baltar for the attempt to talk sense into someone

“oh gods our parents are making out again make them stop!”

And yet Baltar is staring at them

and the escape-next time…in 10 minutes…the conclusion!