Browncoats Redemption (fanfilm)

The cast and crew of Browncoats Redemption have completed principal photography (and they’re having a party, if you’re in the DC area.)

BlipTV has an interview with the principals.

Yeah, I’ve been so hoping this movie would really happen. This is great news!
Further good luck Browncoats Redemption. :smiley:

I sense a potential subject for a one-off 'cast & interview for the crue.

Yup, although post-production will probably take a while yet.

Sounds like a great idea. Hope it happens.

Are these the folks they’ve interviewed on The Signal? Sounds like a great project.

I spoke briefly with a couple of New England Browncoats at the Boston CSTS event this year, one of whom (if memory serves) is actually in the movie. They’ve all put a lot of time and effort and heart into this project. I can’t wait to see it!

Do you know which episode that was?

A story in the Baltimore City Paper gives some background.

Here’s the Online Premier, which’ll only be up for 48 hrs at this site (Sept 4 to Sept 6)

Shiny! Thanks for posting the link. Just got done watching it. Cameos by Michael Fairman (Niska), Yan & Rafael Feldman (Fanty & Mingo in Serenity), and Adam Baldwin (Jayne…the man they call Jayne). :slight_smile: Story is pretty good, the acting so-so but hey it’s a fan film and better than a lot of others I’ve seen.

Bought the movie and watched it recently. My teens, expecting the usual TV production polish, walked out. Me, being an amateur movie-maker myself, I was VERY impressed with it! Even enjoyed watching all the tiny goofs.
I think it’s so generous how Joss Whedan has embraced such a fan-production! In this age where people are fighting over copyrights, it’s a very cool thing to see an author encourage others to expand on his work!

I just bought the DVD and I can not wait! I still hate Fox for canceling Firefly

I got my copy the other day and I liked it! Great for a fan flick.

I bought a copy way back at DragonCon 2010 and my initial thots were…
“well, at least they tried…and it is for charity”

I really should give it another chance though.

Yeah, the fight scenes are especially bad. However, I do like it for what it is.

Redemption is now part of the Help Nathan Buy Firefly campaign.