Book Formats: Book, eBook or AudioBook

Heya gang, so I’m curious; is there an honest to goodness shift to electronic books going on, or is it just me. Mrs. Amberite is an audiobook junkie, and from some of the older casts I know that a ton of the GWC Crue are fans of audiobooks, but where are the Alpacas trending…

Share your thoughts :slight_smile: Only one vote, so “Choose Wisely”.

The last time I had to move I finally committed to going 100% eBook, or as close as I could. There’s something that really tugged at the heartstrings with all the old novels, but I donated the bulk of them to various local charities, so I hope they found good homes.

For me, I love the convenience and sensory aesthetic feel of my Kindle HD - I plan to buy the compleat game of thrones saga via amazon rather than lugging around those huge, heavy tomes.

For random access reading, for reference after I’ve read something, dense non-fiction, e-text all the way. Power search beats indexes and post-it notes marking pages.

For fiction, I’ve become a big fan of some of the narrator’s continuing performances from book to book. They are simply better than my internal little voice reading the page.

Todd McLaren as Richard Morgan’s Takeshi Kovacs.
Although Robert Taylor is perfect as television’s Longmire, George Guidall is an even better Longmire
Gideon Emery as Charles Stross’s Bob Howard
Lorna Raver reading anything
The ensemble cast reading Ender’s Game series
Wil Wheaton reading Red Shirts. He gets the maximum irony, it’s non-stop hilarious.
Scott Brick reading sci-fi, most recently all of Robert Charles Wilson’s stuff. He’s like the go-to guy.
Many more.

I do all three to be honest.

I listen to audio books in the car and will, once the car is sold on my mp3 player and headphones. As a rule I read a book first then listen to it, but if, for whatever reason I don’t have access to the printed text I have an subscription that I use

The kindle i tend to use for heavier books when i’m travelling and graphic novels when I’m in work.

I have physical (hardback and paperback, or dead tree format) scattered around the house. Since there’s no “all three” option in the poll, I haven’t voted.

I had to lookup what the difference is between Trade paperback and Mass-Market.

I’ve read books my whole life voraciously. I am accustomed to the feel of the book, even the smell of a book. It brings me calm and peace. There is a sense of accomplishment in the turn of every page and the final closing of the book. It is a real experience for me.

All that being said I have purchased my first ebook: Game of Thrones. In fact there was a bundle deal and I bought all five as a test and a challenge to me. I’ve now read the first book completely electronically and I have to say it was a pleasant experience. Granted, I did lose the physical experience described above but I will trade that in certain situations like say, commuting. I saw a guy pull out the fifth book of Game of Thrones on the subway and I started laughing hysterically. The thing was like the reams of paper thick. Going electronic of GoT was definitely the right choice.

The only reason I don’t prefer audio is that I listen to so many podcasts. For me personally listening to a book is fine but my brain doesn’t totally engage. Reading books engages me, forces me to imagine while processing the words. When I listen my mind sometimes wanders and I feel like I don’t retain the story or appreciate it as much as when I read. That being said, on a long car ride give me a fluff audiobook anyday (I will not cite what I consider fluff for fear of offense).

The only format I definitely don’t prefer is hardcover. The added weight and strain on your hands just isn’t worth it. You pay to have it look impressive on your shelf. That’s about it.

My two cents.

I used to do e-books through the library but I’ve done less of that since we moved. I really only read on my Kindle when I’m traveling, and since I wasn’t interviewing all over the country this year I didn’t use it much. I also don’t discriminate in terms of which kind of physical book - but my preference is totally for the physical book. I’ve been handling my acquisition space issues by upping my local public library’s circulation numbers, which I also see as a good thing :slight_smile: I also do most of my work reading in physical books (and when it’s not it’s a PDF on a computer). So the “electronic books revolution” hasn’t really been one for me.

Holycrap! I agree with every word Solai said! My thoughts enunciated exactly!!

I love audiobooks. I take long, long walks and they’re perfect for that, but I agree with you Solai, sometimes my attention wanders and I’m not as fully engaged as I am with a physical book.
I have a Kindle, I like the idea of it, the tech is awesome, but as much as I’ve tried - I just can’t stick with it. I end up getting the physical book.
My favorite is the hardback book - the feel, the smell, the years of association with physical books. All of it takes me to a deeper experience. So I put up with the hassles, like the price & the weight. And yes Solai it really does look quite handsome sitting in my bookcase.

I’ve got long legs and a wanderlust too - which is the reason I like to have a whole library in a kindle wherever I go. :v: Plus, for me, audio is strictly for podcasts, and I’ve got a ton of backlogs from other shows like the Nerdist, and the Legends podcast (and their spin offs shows). And Tyrion’s Landing. Mmm…

For martial arts fanatics, there’s the Martial Arts lineage project, Karate cafe, and Hiyaa! podcast.

For writers, Disasterpiece theatre is fun to listen too. For history buffs - Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History.

So, for me, Kindle time is rest time for my ears.


Latest update:

I just learnt that first kindle eBooks bought via the Amazon store have an audiobook function! Cool!