Book Club Mechanics, miscellany

Hello all!

As a clarification, this is how the book club nomination and selection process works:

[ul][li]1. At any time, nominate books you would like to vote on! This can be done by a) creating a thread here for a book not mentioned before (please put the title and author in the thread title), or post in a thread for a book that has already been mentioned. Alternately, PM me if you’d like to make sure that a book is included in the 20 options.[/li][li]2. We’ll select a new group-read every 2 months (for a total of 6 per year).[/li][li]3. On the 15th of the 2nd month (e.g. December for the January/February selection), I will post a multiple choice public poll with the options (up to 20) for voting for the next round of the Book Club.[/li][li]4. The title that has the most overall votes at the end of the voting period (generally the 1st of the next month) will be the selection for the next two months.[/li][li]5. In the case of a tie, a run-off vote will be held during the week following the tied vote.[/ul][/li]
Please note: we encourage group-reads of all sorts, even if they’re not “official.” If you’d like help organizing or getting the word out about a group-read you’d like to run, let me know!

As always, happy reading!