Big damn wedding

Mal and Inara finally get married. In front of a TARDIS. By Princess Leia. So. Much. Epic. Win.

Found on io9’s geeky weddings post, worth a peek just for the Millennium Falcon wedding cake.

Not a Whedon one, but I love this.


As many of you know, Samantha and I are wedding planning right now. We want our wedding to be a simple, elegant garden party with geeky accents. Having a wedding is not very important to me, is slightly important to her, but is worth doing because it puts our relationship in a frame that our families, especially grandparents, understand.

We are doing lots of things (besides being homos) to make it nontraditional and fun. For example, it’s an early morning wedding followed by brunch! We’re using robot cake toppers and having some sort of geeky table cards. Other touches are in the works. Probably some good readings from nerd-sources. If I could get S and the officiant to agree to it, there would be a Princess Bride moment right at the beginning of the ceremony. That’s been nixed, though. Drat!

Sound awesome. Re: Princess Bride, could you allow each other one surprise, non-veto-able item?

wow that’s amazing! I love all of the ways they made it a ‘green’ wedding, even buying the fine China from garage sales and Goodwill, etc.

Now that is a royal wedding, and one I would rather attend… :smiley:

So glad to hear your news Starbuccaneer! Always glad to hear good things going on. Sorry to hear about the nixing of the Princess Bride moment tho. I will watch the movie with the offspring, they’re just the right age, in your honor. I’m interested to hear, perhaps see?, what coolness you finally decide upon.