Being Human 1x11 Going Dutch

Monday, 28 March 2011
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

“We do not feed on blood. We feed on life.” :cool:

Yeah, I can’t see the Amish vampires liking the willing skanks. :eek:

ETA: Yep, saw that coming. :eek:

“I’m pregnant, Josh.”

Wow, that’s happening early. Interesting how storylines from the current season of the UK show are starting to come in already.

“Please do presume that you will ever tell me anything that I do not already know.” :eek:

Salt barrier was awesome. :slight_smile:

Sally’s not really interested in finding peace. :eek:

Bishop’s plan sounds like True Blood. :eek:

Whoa! Annie went poof! :eek:

“You know that question? You know, the worse thing you can ask a woman when she says she’s pregnant?” :smiley:

Danny’s such a dick. :mad:

Pregnant with twins? :eek:

Aw, poor Bishop. :frowning:

I like him a lot more than I ever liked Herrick.

The miracle of the juniper bush! :stuck_out_tongue:

Rebecca, with the unexpected redemption! :eek:

“You! I know what you are!”

A guy who has to eliminate a witness? :rolleyes:

I like him better too :slight_smile:

ooo Sally is scary dead now :slight_smile:

I think his problems are much deeper than genetic. :eek:

Kinda depends on how you look at the werewolf thing.