Being Human 1x10 Dog Eat Dog

Monday, 21 March 2011
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

Just in case anyone was interested in frakking this, I won’t be able to watch the first viewing. I think it reruns at 11, if anyone would like to join me. :slight_smile:

Fascinating insight on immortality there. :cool:

And here’s where Rebecca completely goes off the deep end.



Oops. Pissing off the Elders. :eek:

The heck? How did I end up in this frak? Please ignore.

I posted to the wrong thread, so I moved it. Apparently as you were responding.

Neat. :slight_smile:

You suck. d:

waits for it…

Bishop had a human girlfriend? Whoa.

Certainly the right show for that comment. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s quite a ring tone

The Elders are thirsty! :eek:

There are so many Stolzfuses near where I live. I may never look at them the same way. :eek:

“Take off your clothes.”

“Bend over.”

This show is taking an interesting turn. :groucho:

That was hardcore. :eek:

I was gonna post this the first time through but I decided to wait the rerun. Between last week and this week, I feel so bad for everyone :frowning:

…I don’t know why I decided to wait, that wasn’t spoilery at all.

Yeah, being a monster apparently has its downside. :frowning:

…I don’t know why I decided to wait, that wasn’t spoilery at all.

Thanks for the consideration nonetheless. :slight_smile:

“You can’t bend the bars?”
“I don’t know. Maybe. I’m not Superman.”

No, but you’ll kill him someday. :eek:

That T-shirt.

IBIMB :stuck_out_tongue: